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14 March, 2007

Podcast 20, 18 March 2007

Tracklisting 20 (download):

  1. Absolute Sleep Music - Rain sounds for sleep and relaxation [emusic]
  2. Marnie Stern - Put all your eggs in one basket and then watch that basket!!! [myspace]
  3. Los Campesinos - Don't tell me to do the maths [myspace stream]
  4. Audiosex - Kocsma Mafia (Club Mafia) [Audiojelly]
  5. Forget Cassettes - Patience, Beth (Reprise)
  6. Asakusa Jinta - Tokyo east end rockers [myspace stream]
  7. Yidcore - Helicopters [myspace stream]
  8. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names - Trumpets and violins
  9. Bisc1 - Heavy metal
  10. CocoRosie - Werewolf
  11. Stu Allan - Far away [Audiojelly]


Anonymous Niall said...

you forgot Los Campesinos in the tracklisting!

21/3/07 01:16  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Well I never - so I did. Thanks for the note, they're back there now.

Fast work, too!

21/3/07 02:41  
Blogger cchang said...

Whoo hoo! CocoRosie!
You've really turned me onto Asukata Jinta though. Great and fun music. I just love how varied your selections are, SAS. Hmmm...may need to get me an emusic account as well.

28/3/07 18:41  

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