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06 February, 2007

Podcast 19, 8 February 2007

Tracklisting 19 (download):

  1. Adam Tensta - Bangin on the system [myspace download]
  2. Hopewell - Calcutta [myspace stream] (new ep on emusic)
  3. Dogmixer - Bong 93 [myspace stream] (emusic)
  4. Erin McKeown - Sing, you sinners [myspace stream] (emusic)
  5. Miho Hatori - Barracuda [myspace stream]
  6. Macromantics - Scorch [myspace stream] (Side One: Track One with download) [track available from Kill Rock Stars site]
  7. The Young Republic - Girl in a tree [myspace stream] (track from band site)
  8. Groovin Goblins - Time to time [myspace stream] (track from band site)
  9. The Gents - God [myspace stream] (emusic)
  10. Wang Jieshi and Xie Lisi - It's better to laugh than cry (emusic)
  11. Busdriver - The troglodyte wins [myspace stream] (emusic, Better Propaganda)


Anonymous Julian said...

Howdy there!
Really liked everything from minute 26:00 on... What a pleasant surprise to be featured on one of my favourite podcasts!
You made 15 guys' day there :D
Cheers from all the Goblins!

10/2/07 23:47  
Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Wang Jieshi and Xie Lisi is the best thing ever !!!

Really like hopewell, gosh i'd give anything to go to SXSW !! Which they're playing at.

Adam Tensta was kicking, like the intro, also busdriver.
Better Propaganda kick out some good shiat.

14/2/07 15:25  
Anonymous Michael Stoecker said...

Need to agree with Mr. Rossy that Hopewell were splendid. Going to find more of their stuff.

Terrific episode SAS.

26/2/07 18:35  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Yes Mr R, I've also discovered an untapped love for Chinese film music. Thanks for comments all, I've finally posted a new 'cast.

21/3/07 02:42  

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