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24 June, 2006

Podcast 9, Redux

Repeated post to repair RSS feed.


Blogger cchang said...

Once again, excellent podcast. Thanks! I really like "Bass Instinct" and the Peaches remix of "Redneck Sex"
(Bunch of interesting song titles, I must say)

26/6/06 16:39  
Blogger cchang said...

BTW, the management at White Ghost Shivers asked me take down the link "Momma Said" so unfortunately, users won't be able to get that song from that post any longer. Sigh.

27/6/06 14:48  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Bass Instinct gets my award in podcast 9's earworm catagory. The track before that on the album, Dub Hypnosis, is also particularly fine, but missed its place on the podcast for being nearly nine mins long. WGS have left me in peace, and they ought to be aware that it was thanks to your post that they sold at least ONE other album (to me). Sigh, as you say.

4/7/06 11:57  

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