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03 July, 2006

Podcast 10, 3 July 2006

Tracklisting 10 (download):

  1. The Prototypes - Danse sur la merde (from Prototypes, Minty Fresh Records) [emusic] [myspace]
  2. The Ballet - I hate the war [myspace] (post at Brooklyn Vegan)
  3. Halou - Honeythief (from Wholeness and Separation on Vertebrae Productions, out now) [emusic]
  4. Atomic Soul Experiences - Run through the night
  5. OMR - Dancers (from Superheroes Crash, [emusic] [myspace]
  6. Mahogany - Lynn Minmay (from Memory Column: Early Works and Rarities 1996-2004. [emusic] New album Connectivity! released on Darla Records on 4 Sept 2006)
  7. Lily Allen - Knock 'em out (from Alright Still, released 17 July on Regal Records) (post at Clever Titles...) [myspace]
  8. Yo la Tengo - Beanbag chair (from I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass on Matador Records, released 12 Sept, 2006, 4 Sept in Europe)
  9. Spaccanapoli - Vesuvio (from Aneme Perza/Lost Souls, Real World Records)
  10. Frank Popp Ensemble - Business and pleasure (from Touch and Go, Unique Records) [emusic]
  11. Rotgut - Kill your boss (from Please! Don't Lick the Walls (1991), Rave Records Sampler reissued on CD by Rave Records/IODA) [emusic]
  12. X-Cabs - Sierra (Chris Cowie remix) (Propulsion Records) [emusic]


Blogger Tim Young said...

Yup. Liking lots of that as usual. I'll leave the constructive comments to everyone else! Tim

3/7/06 13:00  
Blogger cchang said...

Listening to it right now!

I hate the war...nanana naaa naaaah nananaaaaa...I hate the war...nananan naaa naaaah nananaaaa (ad infinitum)

Great songs, but geeze, SAS, I frequently get ear worms from your podcasts. :)

10/7/06 17:15  
Blogger cchang said...

BTW, I discovered recently that feedburner doesn't seem to like '(' in the titles. it screws up the embedded media player for some odd reason. i'm not sure if that is what caused #9 to poop out, but that is certianly what messed up my last podcast.

10/7/06 17:16  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

I think I'll come here one day and leave first comment!

I see what you mean cchang - but ear worms aren't always bad, as they're sometimes just reminding you that they're so good that you want to keep playing them until you've shaken them out (that was with me and Bass Instinct). It was all very different a few years ago with Cher's Believe, however...

(And why do I, as blog owner, always seem to get really fiddly and difficult to read word verification sequences..? logrkadw, indeed.)

17/7/06 12:31  

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