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13 October, 2006

Podcast 16, 16 October 2006

Tracklisting 16 (download):

  1. Mitch Benn - A minute's noise for John (from Crimes Against Music) [myspace]
  2. London Elektricity vs Logistics - Search engine (from Hospitalized, Hospital Records)
  3. Golden Virgins - I am a camera (silent beast rmx) (myspace stream)
  4. Goldenboy - End of forever (from Underneath the Radio, Eenie Meenie Records)
  5. Oohlas - Small parts (from Best Pop Stop; post at Perfect Porridge) [myspace stream]
  6. Dublin Guitar Quartet - Quasi Una Fantasma mvt II (download from Nailler9)
  7. Astronauts - Kookie's mad pad (myspace download)
  8. d_Cyphernauts - You got your war (myspace stream; from the Refuse CD available from UpriseTour and iTunes)
  9. The Sheds - Too many pictures (from Quit Smoking, free full album download from the band's website) [myspace]
  10. BalĂșn - Snol (from Something Comes Our Way; free download track from Better Propaganda)
  11. The Mary Onettes - Lost (from the EP Lost released on Labrador Records 1 November; myspace stream)
  12. Jake Thackray - The Kiss (buy Jake in a Box: The EMI Recordings 1967-1976)
  13. Postmarks - Goodbye [myspace download]
  14. Can Joann - After the seizure's gone (from Hurt People Hurt People) [myspace download]
  15. Lianne Hall - Abandon ship (from Abandon Ship; free download track from her website)
  16. Bonobo - Recurring (from Days to Come; free download track from Better Propaganda)


Blogger cchang said...


16/10/06 18:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening! xoxo

- The Postmarks

17/10/06 04:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank for including our music in the latest podcast!

With Love, Can JOann

17/10/06 06:01  
Blogger Oh Simone said...

Dead cool - really enjoyed the Balun track, will be investigating further.

18/10/06 17:56  
Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Ello, wandered over from the contrast podcast re teddybears, great choice !!

1st time listener, really liked Oohlas, The Sheds, The Mary Onettes and especially Jake Thackray. Never heard of him, shame on me !!

I've put a link for you on my blog !!

All the best

23/10/06 17:58  
Blogger Tim Young said...

I'm very late in listening this month. Too busy with the start of term. I particularly enjoyed the first few tracks on this one which had me jigging about in my seat. Lovely as usual.

2/11/06 18:31  
Anonymous Michael said...

Missing your podcast. Hope you're doing alright.

Take care.

10/12/06 06:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, what happened to your podcast. I really like what you are doing. It's not always as smooth as what you might hear on TYM or NYUB but that made it interesting and me loving it. So keep up the good work, and I hope there's gonna be a new podcast up soon. Dont forget your listeners!

20/12/06 00:51  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Thanks for the props all, it's been a busy month but #17 is in its final stages and will be here before Yule!

20/12/06 01:03  
Anonymous Niall said...

hmmm any new podcasts coming?

20/12/06 01:41  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Good timing Niall & thanks; thanks also Julian, I'd like to think we don't "do" smooth at SASR - hope #17 provides you with all your festive SASR needs!

22/12/06 00:03  
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