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20 December, 2006

Podcast 17, 20 December 2006

Tracklisting 17 (download):

  1. Die Schneesternchen - Schneesternchen (from Schneesternchen)
  2. Superkable - Heaven is not big enough [myspace stream]
  3. The Teenagers - Homecoming [myspace download]
  4. Colossus - The tribute (from West Oaktown) [free download from Better Propaganda]
  5. Klezmatics - Hanukkah tree [myspace stream]
  6. Search the Heavens if Lost - Drizzle dazzle [myspace stream]
  7. Brookville - Golden [myspace stream]
  8. Praful - Yalda night (Praful vs Hardsoul) [myspace]
  9. Winard Harper - Blessed Eid (from Faith)
  10. Gary Lucas with Gods and Monsters - Fata Morgana [myspace stream]
  11. Dosh - Um, circles and squares (from The Lost Take) [myspace stream]
  12. Billy Paul Williams - The Kwanzaa song (from Reindeeroom Volume 3: Not So Silent Night)
  13. Irene - Christmas on the beach [free download from Labrador Records]
  14. Barrington Levy - Looking my love dub (from Barrington Levy in Dub - The lost mixes from King Tubby's studio)
  15. 4 Strings - Into the night 2006 [myspace] [emusic]
  16. Pierre Lapointe - Deux par deux rassembles [myspace stream] [astonishing video]
  17. Steve Azar - Catfish Christmas [myspace] [emusic]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've said it before & I'll say it again - dig that 'My Lovely Horse' moment in the Pierre LaPointe vid

20/12/06 21:55  
Blogger Tim Young said...

As splendid as always. I actually got out of my seat and danced there .. and that video ... I'm not sure what to say.

Have splendid festivities and very happy hollowdays.


21/12/06 14:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh yeah. This issue was definitely worth waiting for! Love your stuff!

29/12/06 22:35  
Blogger cchang said...

A Kwanzaa song!
Always worth the wait. I really like the ttenager's song. Thank you so much for compiling this, SAS. I hope you had a good holiday break. :)

4/1/07 18:33  

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