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22 January, 2007

Podcast 18, 22 January 2007

Tracklisting 18 (download):

  1. Trevor McLachlan - Compromize (Addiction records on myspace)
  2. La Célula Durmiente - The party of love [myspace stream] (emusic)
  3. Naomi Hall - Out of me [myspace stream]
  4. Lavotchkin - I shot my face off while crazed on crystal meth [myspace stream] (emusic)
  5. Sea Wolf - Middle distance runner [myspace stream]
  6. Transsylvanians - Janoska [myspace stream]
  7. Cassettes Won't Listen - Aliens (Dr Octagon rmx) [myspace] (free download from Better Propaganda)
  8. Eastern Conference Champions - Hollywood [myspace]
  9. Coyote Poets of the Universe - Kaliwood [myspace stream] (emusic)
  10. The Village Idiot - Don't let her go [myspace download] (Hits in the Car blog with download)
  11. Royce - Tuff Love (free download from Better Propaganda) (emusic)
  12. Pinto - Talk to me now [free download from their website] [myspace]
  13. Abigail Williams - Like carrion birds [myspace stream] (emusic)
  14. The Winks - Guitar swing [myspace stream] (free download from Ache Records website)
  15. La Célula Durmiente - The role and the rule
  16. Henrik Schwarz - Imagination limitation (free download from Better Propaganda; full length mix at emusic)


Blogger cchang said...

This is the perfect podcast to keep me going at work. I'm really enjoying the Naomi Hall track. As always, very pleased!

23/1/07 17:40  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Naomi's stuff is very good - you must check out her page and perhaps the album. Your comments always warmly welcome.

23/1/07 22:32  
Blogger mp3hugger said...

Winks and ECC, 2 brill choices!

25/1/07 20:19  
Blogger Mr Rossy said...

I have to agree with cchang, i'm listening from work to,a wonderful eclectic mix.

I shot my face off while crazed on crystal meth has to be the best name for a song EVER !!

Really Transsylvanians was interesting. Also like that Cassettes Won't Listen remix.

Also, if you like Naomi Hall,you'll like this

31/1/07 17:20  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Many thanks, it does tickle me that this is being played while people are working. Would it be too much to hope, Mr R, that you are a Maitre 'D at a very prestigious hotel or restaurant, with SASR in the background? My dreams will have come true.

I will check out terrypoison at the first inst. Ciao.

2/2/07 16:05  
Anonymous Julian said...


I really like what you are doing. I've been with you from podcast number 5 I believe... and although it took me a while to get used to your style I have to say the podcasts have been getting better and better.
Love your humour and the diverse styles of music featured in each episode. Have been singing the Teenagers songs from last episode for weeks now...
Cheers from Germany

3/2/07 21:41  

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