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07 March, 2006

Podcast 2, 09 Mar 2006

Tracklisting 2 (download):
  1. Breakneck Static – Goki gen ika ga
  2. Breakneck Static – Ichi maru nana
  3. Working for a Nuclear Free City – Troubled son (SxSW Showcase)
  4. Sky Larkin – Balcony to city
  5. Busdriver – Avantcore (SxSW Showcase)
  6. Noisettes – Don’t give up (SxSW Showcase)
  7. The Sundresses – The hate song (download link to I-See-Sound); (SxSW Showcase - 'The love song' here)
  8. Gang of Four – Desire (from The Karate Kid soundtrack album - US Amazon), file originally uploaded by Brooklyn Vegan.
  9. Cloud CultCar crash (from the album Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus - US Amazon), full track can be downloaded free from, you can also buy the album online there.
  10. Jim Noir – My patch (from the album Tower of Love - US Amazon)
  11. Leningrad Cowboys – Dschinghis Khan (link to I-See-Sound), from the album Mongolian Barbecue - US Amazon
  12. Grupo Fantasma – Peligrosa (SxSW Showcase)
  13. Cadence Weapon - Oliver Square (download link to Mocking Music), from the album Breaking Kayfabe - apparently only available through Canadian Amazon (SxSW Showcase) [Cadence Weapon's blog] [myspace]
  14. White Widow - It’s my birthday (download link to I-See-Sound); from the album No Wood to Knock On - US Amazon. Also available on iTunes by searching for "White Widow"


Blogger Rob said...

Really enjoyed that one, you've got a good voice for radio. Liked that Leningrad Cowboys. Keep up the good work.

20/3/06 00:50  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Cheers for all this - I should probably have said too that the LC track was hard to get hold of, unless you download it from I See Sound while it's available!

20/3/06 10:33  
Blogger HeroicLeisure said...

Most excellent. Came this way via the Peel yahoo group, and will be happy to stick around. Looking forward to the day I can tell my grandchildren about hearing Bong Ra on the very first SAS Radio show ...

25/3/06 23:03  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

You are welcome. Great handle!

25/3/06 23:39  

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