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10 April, 2006

Podcast 4, 10 Apr 2006

Tracklisting 4 (download):
  1. Douglas Heart - Komplex (Labrador Records)
  2. NOMO - Discontinued (new album New Tones, released 9 May 2006 on Ubiquity Records) (SxSW showcase)
  3. Sad Little Stars - Don't fuck with love [myspace] [video]
  4. Alkaline Trio - Private eye (from From Here to Infirmary, Vagrant Records) (US Amazon)
  5. Clearlake - It's getting light outside (from Amber, Domino Records) (Amazon: US - Canada - France, also available on iTunes)
  6. Bling Kong - Bling Kong girls [myspace]
  7. Audiogarde - Mardi gras (from Cock Rock Disco 2006, Irritant Records - free download compilation)
  8. Ska Cubano - Oye compay Juan (from ¡Ay Caramba!) (Amazon: US - France)
  9. Joanna Newsom ft. Tego Calderón - Bridges and Balloons with a Bagel on It (P. Neezy Reggaetron rxm), download link from Certified Bananas
  10. Cat Power - Freebird (buy Cat Power stuff at Amazon UK: 1:2:3)
  11. Teknostep - Music for short attention spans (from Music for Short Attention Spans, also available on iTunes)
FYI: Billy Bragg - The lonesome death of Rachel Corrie (The Guardian)


Anonymous niall said...

excellent podcast again.liking the clearlake, nomo and ska cubano songs in particular. the joanna newsome track maybe just doesn't work. i'm not too fond of her voice anyway.

10/4/06 15:12  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Thanks for all that. I'm not entirely sure about JN myself, but I had to go back and listen again a few times so it did something for me. 'Interesting' is probably the word.

10/4/06 17:51  
Anonymous niall said...

yes interesting is the word. strangely i want to listen to it again now...

10/4/06 18:25  
Blogger Tim Young said...

Thanks again for another enjoyable podcast. I can't claim to like the JN mix either although the bits where her funky harp rhythms come through are quite nice. Right ... now I'm off to buy the Camille album from the Fnac!

11/4/06 15:19  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Cheers amigo! That track seems to be generating lots of discussion (though the numbers downloading Discontinued suggest that that is a great favourite!). I am still not sure myself. One of those occasions when one thinks, dunno about this, but it's stuck in my head. That can happen with great tracks. Also Crazy Frog.

Well I'm off to listen to Contrast Podcast 3! Enjoy Le fil.

11/4/06 22:55  
Blogger cchang said...

This is so fantastic! Thank you. :)

15/4/06 06:16  
Anonymous Niall said...

i've come around to that joanna newsome track. its playful.

20/4/06 16:10  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

It would be nice if she appreciated the trouble we're going to to like her track, but you know, I don't suppose she will... A lot of you have gone to the link to download it though. Yeah, playful, thanks Niall.

20/4/06 16:48  

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