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24 April, 2006

Podcast 5, 24 Apr 2006

Tracklisting 5 (download):

  1. Vivi Bach and Dietmar Schönherr - Molotow cocktailparty (1968 - from The In-Kraut - Hip Shaking Grooves Made In Germany 1966-1974 - Amazon: US - France - Germany - Canada)
  2. Tralala - All fired up (from Tralala, listen to more and buy from emusic)
  3. The Cuban Cowboys - El jardin de la verdad
  4. Sack - What did the Christians ever do for us? free download, with others, from their site (from the forthcoming album provisionally called The War on the War on Terror)
  5. Noiseshaper - Walls of silence (from the album Rough Out There - US Amazon - Canada - France - Germany)
  6. Agent Provocateur - Red tape [disputed lyrics] [up link to other Agent Provocateur music] (from the album Where the Wild Things Are - Amazon France - Germany; also on the soundtrack album for The Jackal - US Amazon - Canada - France - Germany; and the soundtrack to Underworld - US Amazon - France - Canada - Germany)
  7. Au Revoir Simone - Through the backyards of our neighbors
  8. n0 things - Coward (other tracks available from their website) [myspace]
  9. Joey Starr - Gaz-L (from the soundtrack to Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatre - Amazon Canada - UK - Germany)
  10. Ill Ease - One hell of a bender (from the After After Party Party EP)
  11. Metric - Soft rock star (download link to I'm Just Sayin' Is All) (from the unreleased album Grow Up and Blow Away)


Blogger Tim Young said...

Very enjoyable as usual.

Do you make a point of going to the soundtrack sections in shops and seeing what good tracks are on the CDs of reasonably awful films or are you having to watch the reasonably awful films in the first place to find the tracks?

I'm off to do some dishonest downloading.

25/4/06 15:44  
Blogger cchang said...

Upon hearing "Molotow Cocktail Party" I immediately ordered Hip Shaking Grooves before the song was even over. Gotta own that one. The rest of the show is fantastic as well.

27/4/06 17:52  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Thanks for your kind words as always. Frankly, I'd like to have seen any movie that had Molotow Cocktailparty as part of its soundtrack - unfortunately I don't believe it has ever been made.

27/4/06 23:14  
Anonymous Michael S said...

Episode 5 is stellar. CChang is right on in that Molotav Cocktail is phenomenal especially as an opener.

Also, curses be cast upon you for seeing such an awesome show (New Order at Finsbury Park in '02):)

I first stumbled upon an audio recording of that show shortly after it was played and the sound mix was amazing and I had no idea that New Order had started playing JD tunes again. I listened with rapture as the concert progressed. Only later did I discover the DVD and that the mix came from that. Before I had a chance to see the DVD, i just sat around listening to the show trying to imagine how cool it was to be there.

Glad you were there, buddy.

Take care and eagerly await episode 6 of SASR!

30/4/06 08:48  

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