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22 May, 2006

Podcast 7, 22 May 2006

Tracklisting 7 (download):

  1. Butcherd Beats - Explanation (Blind Reality mix) available from Audiojelly
  2. Sambassadeur - Kate (from Coastal Affairs, out now)
  3. Gotan Project - Diferente (from Lunático, out now - US Amazon)
  4. Nouvelle Vague, feat. Melanie - The killing moon (from Bande á parte, released 12 June - US Amazon)
  5. Mother and the Addicts - Fuck me mummy [Do Copenhagen]
  6. Greens Keepers - D.C. minor (from The Ziggy Franklen Radio Show - US Amazon)
  7. Digihai - Understand (link to file at Adzuki Bean Stash)
  8. The Skatalites meet King Tubby - Herb man dub (from Heroes Of Reggae In Dub)
  9. Nouvelle Vague, feat. Marina - Fade to grey (from Bande á parte - link to Filles Sourires)
  10. Scraping Foetus off the Wheel - Anything (viva!) (from Nail - US Amazon). More Foetus tracks available from Big Static blog; yet more, and video, from the Foetus site.


Blogger cchang said...

All fantastic noise, I must say and I loved your intro that flows right into the Butchered Beats. They sort of remind me of a more palatable Atari Teenage the bit about the e-mail. LOL. Very very funny. :P It would have been impressive if somehow I was able to read your mind and send you an e-mail about Sambassadeur prior to hearing it on your podcast. :) I really dug their song actually, as well as the Greens Keepers track.
Seeing Digihai on there was a suprise and definitely appreciated. Somehow they sound peppier on your podcast. Perhaps its because of the surrounding tracks. Great job!

22/5/06 17:42  
Anonymous Jan Lund Thomsen said...

Read a recommendation of your podcast over on Podcrawl, and subscribed to your feedburner feed. And then nothing happened.

Looked into it, and it turns out your feed doesn't have any enclosure tags, so Juice Receiver can't grab the shows from it.

23/5/06 08:26  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Whoa, thanks for this! A glitch in the feed - good job people are dropping by anyway.

Cindy, you didn't send me an e-mail?! Someone has hacked your account, watch out!

23/5/06 15:04  
Blogger cchang said...

*snicker* Nah, I just happen to a time machine sitting next to my harddrive.

23/5/06 15:30  
Blogger Tim Young said...

Thanks for another enjoyable selection. After seven podcasts my attention is still no longer. Should I see a doctor about this??

23/5/06 18:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Half way through listening and another great pod cast done. Thanks!

23/5/06 23:37  
Blogger Tim Young said...

I like the new site design very much indeed. I'll have to investigate the webjay thing ...

30/5/06 21:40  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Thank you all for your comments, as always. Digihai worked for me very quickly on Adzuki Cindy - and their English isn't much below the standard of many western punk bands. As for your attention span Tim, I'm afraid it's only downhill from here. The best you can hope for is that something exciting will distract you briefly. We do our best.

Would any of you casual comment-browsers care to chip in, join the party..?

31/5/06 01:53  

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