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09 May, 2007

Podcast 22, 9 May 2007

Tracklisting 22 (download):

  1. Harvard Blue - The word nigger
  2. Goldrush - Heaven's my destination
  3. C-mon and Kypski - Bumpy road
  4. Elk City - Los cruzados
  5. Bittybox - Joker
  6. Orchestre Baobab - Boul ma miin [free download album (at time of recording)]
  7. Prince Edward Island - It's all over bar the shouting
  8. Banco de Gaia - I love baby cheesy
  9. Contramano - TV reality (the new plague)
  10. Adam - You don't have Nixon
  11. Club Nisei Orchestra - I'm sorry
  12. Shitkickers - Lonely gettin' by
  13. Manav Gangwani - The moment
  14. Pacha Massive - Pachangueando


Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Ohh that Elk City album is great, so many good tracks on it !!

Prince Edward Island are very good, i shall be checking them out..Club Nisei Orchestra was very nice, if only i could be in Hawaii right now.

Orchestre Baobab & Pacha Massive was very cool...i'm outta the loop on world music stuff so appreciate these tips.

Also Shitkickers, kick arse...
How do i listen to that Dandelion Radio thing, it just plays some other guy (who is also very good)..

Don't worry, i'm sure it's my technical stupidity


11/5/07 15:42  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Agree entirely - Elk City are a bit of a find.

Seems the freeness of that Senegal album has now ended :o(

You'll have to check out the Dandelion schedule to see who's playing when. Loads of great stuff from everyone.

Contact me via the e-mail link for more info.


11/5/07 18:51  
Blogger cchang said...

I think #11 may be popular due to including "The Horrors" on there?

Banco de Gaia is quite engaging. Thanks for introducing them to me! I also really liked the Bitty Box, Manav Gangwani and Contramano tracks. I especially like the 2nd half of the podcast!

16/5/07 18:27  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hey SASRadio,

Finally catching up on one of my favorite podcasts and been immensely rewarded by the treasure that is Orchestre Baobab. Beautiful.

Take care

20/5/07 18:31  
Blogger nialler9 said...

yes, that senegal track is great..

i'm tempted to sign up to emusic now...

30/5/07 16:02  

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