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09 November, 2009

Podcast 26, 8 November 2009

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Tracklisting 26 (download):

  1. Tegan and Sara - Arrow
  2. Kings of Convenience - Renegade
  3. Surf City - Autumn
  4. 17 Hippies - Adieu
  5. Tidy Allstars - Alone
  6. Yasmin Levy - Jaco
  7. SkitzoFreniak - My style
  8. Silkfloss - Mon amour
  9. Air - So light is her footfall
  10. Les Triaboliques - Gulaguajira (I, the dissolute prisoner)
  11. Breakestra - Get it right
  12. Mahala Raï Banda - Tu Rominie
  13. Yeasayer - Ambling alp
  14. Tilly and the Wall - Falling without knowing
  15. Phenomenal Handclap Band - 15 to 20 (Den Haan remix)
  16. Twiggy Frostbite - Chimera
  17. Film Noir World - Secrets and alibis

Links to external sites may not remain 'live' for long and dead links will not be removed - get legal downloads while you can. Hard to find tunes can often be found on iTunes or emusic.


Blogger Marvin said...

Hello SASR
I am an indie solo artist here in LA wqho has realeased two albums since 2008. Do you accept submissions?

all the best
"do what you love and never work again"

8/5/10 01:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi SAS Radio,

it took me about a year to notice that this feed was not totally dead. But hey. Good that you are back.
Hope you will still bring a new episode this year :)


5/9/10 20:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll second the previous comment. Great to get another post. I often re-listen to your previous blogs. I know we all lead busy lives and other things may get in the way, but please keep it up. The music you play isn't often heard elsewhere and is inspiring.



5/9/10 22:44  

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