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03 October, 2007

Podcast 25, 3 October 2007

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Tracklisting 25 (download):

  1. Info - 6F6
  2. Sheds - Drunk for lunch
  3. African Child and Prophet Unification - Ghettolife
  4. Manu Chao - Raining in paradise
  5. Enon - Mirror on you
  6. Cargo Cult - Mirrored image
  7. Supermayer - Two of us
  8. Mono in VCF - Escape city scrapers
  9. The Cremators - Asphyxiation
  10. Múm - Dancing behind my eyelids
  11. Caribou - Melody day
  12. Laurie Anderson - From the air (Dan the Automator Remix)
  13. The Baldwin Fun Machine - Bondage and discipline
  14. Aceyalone, feat. Chali 2Na - Easy
  15. Behavior - Anywhere but here
  16. Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings - 100 Days, 100 nights

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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

That new Enon album is great !!! I remember you playing the sheds a while back, all their songs are about smoking and booze...good stuff. I liked that Laurie Anderson track and the jazzy double bass tones of The Baldwin Fun Machine, interesting stuff for sure. And i'm digging the Sharon Jones album, she has one heck of a voice !!!

17/10/07 17:54  
Anonymous Julian said...

Hey, It's already December and still no new podcast out...

Even though you might not get a lot of feedback, there are still loads of people out there who listen to your podcast and are waiting for a new episode, every month. So keep up the good work!

9/12/07 14:08  
Blogger Mr Rossy said...

Are you gonna do a show before xmas?

Hope alls well !!!

18/12/07 11:42  
Anonymous Jane said...

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16/4/08 18:04  
Blogger Tim Young said...

It feels like a long time since there has been an SAS podcast. :(

Hope all is well with you.


8/5/08 10:34  
Blogger nialler9 said...

Is miss SAS.

come on.

21/5/08 22:01  
Anonymous Julian said...

Yup. Miss SAS too. It's been over a year now...
If podcasting didn't work start a blog. You got a good taste and loads of people liked what you did.
Hope you are alright and haven't started hating music.


26/10/08 21:10  

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