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12 July, 2007

Podcast 24, 12 July 2007

Tracklisting 24 (download):

  1. Zoster - Zuta podmornica
  2. Currysau Kartell - Anarchie im Hallenbad
  3. Dubioza Kolektiv (feat Mush) - Keep burning
  4. California Snow Story - Suddenly everything happened
  5. Green Empathy - Black sand
  6. Kissogram - She's an apple pie
  7. Cloud Cult - Take your medicine
  8. Existence - Ephyra
  9. La Sega del Canto - P
  10. Quasamodo - Do your thang
  11. Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense and peppermints
  12. Cafè Endien Boulevard - Goccia a goccia
  13. Joseph Bertolozzi - Bridge funk

02 July, 2007


The Listen Now feature has been discontinued by Webjay, so Streampad has been added to the site. By clicking on the "Play" button (you may need to do this twice at first) you can listen to any of the previous podcasts in this player. By clicking the symbol in the bottom right of the Streampad box, you can get the player up in a new window and continue surfing elsewhere.

There is a two-hour SASR set on Dandelion Radio throughout July.