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22 January, 2007

Podcast 18, 22 January 2007

Tracklisting 18 (download):

  1. Trevor McLachlan - Compromize (Addiction records on myspace)
  2. La Célula Durmiente - The party of love [myspace stream] (emusic)
  3. Naomi Hall - Out of me [myspace stream]
  4. Lavotchkin - I shot my face off while crazed on crystal meth [myspace stream] (emusic)
  5. Sea Wolf - Middle distance runner [myspace stream]
  6. Transsylvanians - Janoska [myspace stream]
  7. Cassettes Won't Listen - Aliens (Dr Octagon rmx) [myspace] (free download from Better Propaganda)
  8. Eastern Conference Champions - Hollywood [myspace]
  9. Coyote Poets of the Universe - Kaliwood [myspace stream] (emusic)
  10. The Village Idiot - Don't let her go [myspace download] (Hits in the Car blog with download)
  11. Royce - Tuff Love (free download from Better Propaganda) (emusic)
  12. Pinto - Talk to me now [free download from their website] [myspace]
  13. Abigail Williams - Like carrion birds [myspace stream] (emusic)
  14. The Winks - Guitar swing [myspace stream] (free download from Ache Records website)
  15. La Célula Durmiente - The role and the rule
  16. Henrik Schwarz - Imagination limitation (free download from Better Propaganda; full length mix at emusic)