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13 October, 2006

Podcast 16, 16 October 2006

Tracklisting 16 (download):

  1. Mitch Benn - A minute's noise for John (from Crimes Against Music) [myspace]
  2. London Elektricity vs Logistics - Search engine (from Hospitalized, Hospital Records)
  3. Golden Virgins - I am a camera (silent beast rmx) (myspace stream)
  4. Goldenboy - End of forever (from Underneath the Radio, Eenie Meenie Records)
  5. Oohlas - Small parts (from Best Pop Stop; post at Perfect Porridge) [myspace stream]
  6. Dublin Guitar Quartet - Quasi Una Fantasma mvt II (download from Nailler9)
  7. Astronauts - Kookie's mad pad (myspace download)
  8. d_Cyphernauts - You got your war (myspace stream; from the Refuse CD available from UpriseTour and iTunes)
  9. The Sheds - Too many pictures (from Quit Smoking, free full album download from the band's website) [myspace]
  10. BalĂșn - Snol (from Something Comes Our Way; free download track from Better Propaganda)
  11. The Mary Onettes - Lost (from the EP Lost released on Labrador Records 1 November; myspace stream)
  12. Jake Thackray - The Kiss (buy Jake in a Box: The EMI Recordings 1967-1976)
  13. Postmarks - Goodbye [myspace download]
  14. Can Joann - After the seizure's gone (from Hurt People Hurt People) [myspace download]
  15. Lianne Hall - Abandon ship (from Abandon Ship; free download track from her website)
  16. Bonobo - Recurring (from Days to Come; free download track from Better Propaganda)