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18 September, 2006

Podcast 15, 18 Sept 2006

Tracklisting 15 (download):

  1. Stina Nordenstam - Parliament Square (rmx The Knife) [GvB post and download] [emusic]
  2. Hot One - Do the coup d'état [free download from Better Propaganda]
  3. The Lisps - Pepper spray [myspace stream]
  4. Wax Tailor - Where my heart's at [free download from Better Propaganda]
  5. Isobel Campbell - O love is teasin' [free download from Pitchfork via Fingertips] [emusic] [myspace]
  6. Barbara Morgenstern - The operator [myspace stream] [emusic]
  7. Phelan Sheppard - Water clock [NBGL post and download]
  8. Ciccone - Look at you now [myspace download]
  9. Gonstermachers - Low down on the blow down [download with intro from Indiefeed]
  10. Cannibal Elvis - Give you all [myspace download]
  11. Gerald Toto - Sa nou pé fè [myspace stream]
  12. John C. Reilly - My son John (from Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys, Anti Records)

04 September, 2006

Podcast 14, 4 Sept 2006

Tracklisting 14 (download):

  1. Daisy Daisy - Michelle plays ping pong [myspace] [emusic] [audiojelly]
  2. Stephen Yerkey - Link Wray's girlfriend (buy metaneonatureboy at insound, Amazon, Amazon US)
  3. Quack Quack - Cut me some slacks [myspace]
  4. Chris Robinson - Bata motel (post from Cacophony and Coffee blog) [Crass on myspace]
  5. Sodsai Chaengkij - The boat that I row (from Thai Beat A-Go-Go Vol.2)
  6. Simon Heartfield - Cubular Theme [myspace] [buy The Permanent Way at emusic]
  7. Two Lone Swordsmen - The lurch (Si Heartfield rmx, free download)
  8. The Get Up Kids - Mass Pike (post at Clever Titles) (buy Red Letter Day at emusic)
  9. BitBin - Zuzbanger (recently signed to Herb Recordings, the Alias EP will be released from their web page soon) [myspace]
  10. Orquesta Revolucion 70 - Llego la Revolucion (from Llego la Revolucion)
  11. Swissair - One nation under a gloom (free downloads from their webpage and from myspace; post at Swedes Please)
  12. Darda King - Kanazi (from Nimekubalika 2006)