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19 February, 2006

Podcast 1, 22 Feb 2006

Tracklisting 1 (download):

  1. Bong-Ra – Soundwave (Clash records: Clash 06)
  2. Sambassadeur – Between the lines (Labrador Records: LAB071)
  3. Autechre – Crystel (Warp Records: WarpCD 6)
  4. Dan Sartain – Walk among the cobras (One Little Indian Records) (US Amazon)
  5. Tilly and the Wall – Night of the living dead (from Wild Like Children, Moshi Moshi) (US Amazon)
  6. Riddla – Gwada cowboy (Purchase items by MC Riddla from Happy Hardcore)
  7. Percy "Thrills" Thrillington - Ram on (from Thrillington, 1977) (US Amazon)
  8. Victor Scott – Gotta Go (from Happy Days, SVC records: SVC004)
  9. The Go! Team – The ice storm (Memphis Industries records) (US Amazon)
  10. The Bacon Smugglers – Naming my bacon (12" EP, Musiqué Risqué: Risqué005ep)
  11. Ahmed Abdul-Malik – Wakida Hena (from Jazz Sounds of Africa, 1961)
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