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18 September, 2006

Podcast 15, 18 Sept 2006

Tracklisting 15 (download):

  1. Stina Nordenstam - Parliament Square (rmx The Knife) [GvB post and download] [emusic]
  2. Hot One - Do the coup d'état [free download from Better Propaganda]
  3. The Lisps - Pepper spray [myspace stream]
  4. Wax Tailor - Where my heart's at [free download from Better Propaganda]
  5. Isobel Campbell - O love is teasin' [free download from Pitchfork via Fingertips] [emusic] [myspace]
  6. Barbara Morgenstern - The operator [myspace stream] [emusic]
  7. Phelan Sheppard - Water clock [NBGL post and download]
  8. Ciccone - Look at you now [myspace download]
  9. Gonstermachers - Low down on the blow down [download with intro from Indiefeed]
  10. Cannibal Elvis - Give you all [myspace download]
  11. Gerald Toto - Sa nou pé fè [myspace stream]
  12. John C. Reilly - My son John (from Rogue's Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys, Anti Records)


Blogger cchang said...

In my very messed up, stressed out state of mind, I started listening to your podcast without paying detailed attention to your posted tracklistings. Hence, when it began and I heard you say "Listen to what the knife has done to Stina Nordenstam" I completely interpreted the statment wrong and the first thought that came to mind was "Holy Shit, did she get a sex change operation?" Very cool remix with the deep vox.

Yeah, so you can tell, I really need more sleep. Listening to the rest right now. As always, alwasy appreciative and gosh, I need to catch up! I haven't listened to #14 yet.

19/9/06 19:38  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

LOL! It never occurred to me when I said it. Hope sleep is catching you up.

4/10/06 13:33  
Anonymous jeremiah vohn said...

hmmmmm.. pretty interesting lists of downloads..

10/10/06 09:04  

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