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05 May, 2006

Podcast 6, 08 May 2006

Tracklisting 6 (download):

  1. Patrick Doyle - Interlude from Hamlet (Audio CD, The Renaissance Theatre Co. 1992, dir Branagh/Dearman - Amazon: US - France - Germany - Canada)
  2. Spiral Beach - Day OK (from the Spiral Beach CD, available from their website)
  3. Mission of Burma - 2wice (from Obliterati, Matador records, released 23 May 2006)
  4. Camera Obscura - Let's get out of this country (from Let's Get Out of this Country, released in June on Merge Records)
  5. Controller.Controller - Poison/safe (from X-Amounts, Paper Bag records - US Amazon) [myspace]
  6. Mickey Avalon - Jane Fonda [myspace]
  7. Dickie Valentine and the Stargazers - Finger of suspicion (1954, available on The Very Best of Dickie Valentine - US Amazon - Canada - France - Germany)
  8. Daylight's for the Birds - To no one [formerly On!Air!Library!]
  9. José Olisson and Domingos Sergio - Revolta Olodum (from Sol e Mar / Ao Vivo em Montreux Jazz Festival (US only))
  10. The Seconds - Sister8myson (from Kratitude, 5 Rue Christine records - US Amazon)
  11. Lampshade - Moonjam (from Modern Behaviour, Vinyl Republik records)
  12. Anna Oxygen - Fake pyjamas (Kill Rock Stars records) [myspace]


Blogger Tim Young said...

Oh ... I'm waiting don't you worry!

7/5/06 23:07  
Blogger cchang said...

Thanks for the info on Camille, SAS. Been crazy busy at work lately....listening to your podcast right now as I code furiously. Sounds great so far.

9/5/06 18:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great podcast, if mainstream radio was like this I might actually listen to it.

9/5/06 21:58  
Blogger Tim Young said...

I'm about half way through .. has Jane Fonda got a big bottom? I never noticed!

10/5/06 10:58  
Blogger Tim Young said...

And I'm done. That was great as usual. For some reason I enjoyed the Dickie Valentine most. I must have risky taste. Thanks again for another entertaining podcast with lots to follow up! Tim

10/5/06 14:43  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

You enjoyed Dickie Valentine because it's great! Thanks for your comments as ever, all. I never noticed anything about Jane's bottom either, though perhaps the reference is aimed at afficionados of her workout oeuvre. Among whom I suspect Mickey Avalon is Grand Poo-Bah or something.

And thank you Anon (if I may) - I don't think I even know what mainstream radio sounds like any more, it lost me years ago.

10/5/06 15:04  
Blogger tommy said...

your feed isn't working in iTunes...

11/5/06 06:37  
Blogger SAS Radio said...

Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast > Enter Feed url:

That should do it.

11/5/06 13:35  
Blogger Eugene said...

Man, I completely forgot how great Mission Of Burma are.

12/5/06 20:27  

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